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Things to Do

Things to Do

Things to Do

There are so many things that you can do in Vanuatu. We have tried to mention few of them, and there is definitely something for everyone – from visiting local village and getting first-hand knowledge of the Melanesian culture and way of living, to exciting and adventures tours. When you arrive we can book your choice of activity, give you all the information you need, arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off at the property. We are located only minutes to town and close to almost everything you may need while you are in Port Vila.

  • Scuba Diving - Even if you don't have time to dive at the famous SS "President Coolidge" you won't be disappointed with all the world class dive sites in Port Vila.
  • Fishing - You will have wide range of options to go fishing: game fishing, sport fishing, deep sea fishing. Big variety, can be customized where possible.
  • Horse-riding - Exciting rides: sea side, country side, beach ride, full day expedition, choice is yours...
  • Sea Kayaking & Snorkelling - Different options to enjoy kayaking and snorkelling around Port Vila. You can combine different activities to be able to see and do more in shorter time. Good variety of tours available.
  • Coongoola Day Cruise - Very popular day tour, full day out - pick up from your resort, transfer to the boat at Havannah Harbour. It includes visit to the turtle sanctuary on Mosso Island, Beach BBQ lunch, snorkelling, morning and afternoon tea. If you are lucky you may even see dolphins playing around.
  • Mele Cascades Waterfall - One of the most popular attractions. There are organised tours but you can do it independently if you don't want to be restricted with the time. It is a very pleasant way to spend couple of hours or more. It's an easy walk up to the falls with a number of swimming holes on the way.
  • Off Road Adventures - Interesting and exciting. The buggies are suitable for 2 so you can swap the driving. There are different options: off-road to the beaches or different parts of the Island.
  • Vanuatu Helicopters - A great way to see the scenic beauty of Vanuatu. You can have "flight-seeing", drop to a secluded island, have a VIP transfer or even fly to another island. The helicopter operates from a platform in the harbour.
  • Overnight Tanna Island (Volcano) - if you have time to visit one of the most accessible active Volcano's on the planet, Mt Yasur is it, you have to do it. It's majestic and a rare experience. There are day tours and overnight tours.
  • Pentecost Land Diving or Nagol - It is part of the annual harvest festival on the island of Pentecost, and happens in April, May and June. It is breathe taking watching the ritual.
  • Ekasup Village - Good way to learn about the traditional Melanesian culture and village life - local food, dancing, medicine, hunting methods. Great experience, well organised for the tourist.
  • Eco Tours - Walking, Biking, Kayaking, River Trekking, Vanuatu now has ecotourism and it's getting bigger every year.
  • Restaurants and Bars in Port Vila - a variety of good restaurants in Port Vila, something for every taste.
  • Au Bon Marche - Supermarket - The biggest Supermarket, you can find almost everything there.
  • Getting around - There are a few ways of getting around: you can hire a car, get on a local bus, book an organised tour or hire your own bus and driver.

We are located very conveniently:

  • Only 2 minutes drive or 15 min walk to downtown
  • 10 min walk to the biggest Supermarket in Port Vila
  • 5-10 min walk to Chinese, Janapese, American-Mexican, French, Indian, Filipino Restaurants